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Keran wazin sanat Co. is an exclusive agent of Rema Tip Top GmbH Company in Iran to supply and application of protective coatings.

Coating by protective lining is one of the most important methods for corrosion control and protection of different steel and concrete surfaces in all industries; like oil & gas, petrochemical, food or marine industry and etc. that through reducing damages of corrosion, has a major effect on decreasing its cost.


REMA TIP TOP, produces special designed reinforced polymeric coatings and rubber lining, for all kind of corrosive environment in all industries.

REMA TIP TOP, a globally operating company, stands for top quality and outstanding service. State-of-the-art technology and pioneering innovations keep our customers coming back for more. Our international sales and service network offer you both a wide range of efficient services and maximum customer proximity.

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